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Dental check up for a street kid

With this charity gift a child at the Drop In Centre in Pattaya will have a full dental checkup, possibly for the first time in his or her life.  
The price must be from $15.30 to $1,530.00
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A mat for a child to sleep on

This charity gift will help the most vulnerable orphans at the SAW Safe House in Thailand.

Lunch for an orphan for a week

This charity gift will help to feed an orphan in Thailand for a week.

Life saving medicine for an HIV positive child

The Camillian Centre is a small orphanage in Thailand for 60 HIV+ children orphaned by AIDS. This charity gift will provide life saving medicine for one of their children.

Some of the children at the Drop In are adventurous runaways, some have fled abusive parents or dysfunctional families. Attracted by the bright lights, they make their way to the tourist resort of Pattaya, unaware that its main trade is sex tourism. Children may stay at the centre for a few days or weeks whilst family circumstances are checked and long-term decisions taken about the future. During this period we try to ensure that any health problems they have acquired during their time on the streets are identified and dealt with. A full dental examination is essential!