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Buy a child a school uniform

School uniforms can avoid children being trafficked or arrested so this is an important charity gift.
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The price must be from $19.12 to $1,530.00
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A mat for a child to sleep on

This charity gift will help the most vulnerable orphans at the SAW Safe House in Thailand.

Hand-embroidered Tote Bag

This cheerful cotton tote bag is hand-embroidered in Thailand with images of people and animals. Perfect for avoiding the plastic bag charge. Design colours may vary.

Lunch for an orphan for a week

This charity gift will help to feed an orphan in Thailand for a week.

Thousands of Burmese children have fled fighting in Burma to seek safety and an education in migrant schools along the Thai-Burma border. The conditions at the schools are desperate; there is little food, accommodation is basic, and because the children are illegally in Thailand, they can be sent home without a chance to appeal. If a child is arrested they can be deported immediately. Children sent back to Burma have been enlisted into the army as porters or child soldiers, or trafficked into brothels in neighbouring countries.

£12.50 will buy a school uniform which will help a child to avoid arrest and forced repatriation.